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Increase the Efficiency of Your Test Equipment With Test and Data Management Software 

Are you fully maximizing the throughput of your test systems? Are your test engineers managing the entire test process as seamlessly and efficiently as possible? Are your tests managed for version control and repeatability? Are you analyzing all of the collected data? Do you have a system in place that allows you to effectively mine that data for comparison across your business, from R&D to the laboratory to production?

In this webinar, learn about Wineman Technology’s TestTracker test system management software, where multiple pieces of test software can be combined into a single software platform where test engineers can perform the following functions:

  • Defining the test stations and controlling the configurations
  • Developing test profiles, test requests, and test request templates
  • Managing product groupings by defining which tests can be run
  • Monitoring which units are at each test station
  • Importing test files and controlling which configurations are run
  • Assigning values to test parameters, defining metadata, and linking post-processing scripts
  • Creating test sequences for the units to test, post-processing scripts, and email notifications
  • Providing test request status reports, data reports, unit status summaries, and network access to all raw data files and results

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