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Custom Hydraulic Test Stand Solutions

Wineman Technology specializes in hydraulic test stand solutions, including component tests, pumps, motors, valves, actuators, fatigue, load frames, and burst testers.

As an industry leader in custom test systems, Wineman Technology focuses on hydraulic test stand design and development as one of our core competencies. We develop turnkey systems that leverage off-the-shelf technologies for mechanical subsystems and components.

Grounded in sound engineering principles, creativity, and a deep understanding of hydraulics, instrumentation, and software design, our hydraulic test equipment has been deployed in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and defense to automotive, industrial, commercial and more.

Wineman Technology's core hydraulic test system capabilities include: 

Using proven, industry-standard equipment, Wineman Technology uses the best available tools in the marketplace to put together a system that is specific to your needs and budget. Whether your application requires a simple off-the-shelf controller, a complex multi-loop controller with hundreds of data acquisition channels, or a custom test system, our engineering and technical staff can deliver flexible solutions for completely redefining your hydraulic test cell.

Featured Case Study

Large-Scale Earthquake Simulation and Structural Test with INERTIA

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