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Wineman Technology is a leader in the deployment of data acquisition systems. Wineman Technology understands the concepts required to develop successful data collection systems, such as common challenges and best practices for:and real-time controllers for all types of systems. We deployed our first LabVIEW-based real-time system in 1999, and since then have delivered hundreds of working solutions. Our proven track record in developing LabVIEW-based, real-time systems, and the successful deployment of both custom systems and standard products – such as the RAPID II test cell controller – are a testament to our capabilities.

  • Sensor technology
  • System resolution
  • Accuracy and calibration
  • LabVIEW programming, including Real-Time, Embedded and FPGA

We are committed to the highest industry standards and maintaining internal best practices. Our expert engineering staff has a high level of certification, including five certified LabVIEW architects and many certified LabVIEW developers.

White Paper

Connecting Sensors to Data Acquisition System Analog Inputs

This white paper discusses the recommended methods for connecting sensos and/or external signals to +/-10V analog inputs that are provided on data acquisition systems for end user connection. It includes system diagrams and photos of the most common cables.

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Featured Case Study

Industrial Waste Heat Converts into Reusable Energy

Wineman Technology developed a real-time application for converting thermal energy produced by industrial machinery into reusable power.

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