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Custom Dyno Test Cell Solutions

Wineman Technology provides a full range of off-the-shelf and custom dyno test cell solutions. We offer turnkey test cell integration services, and test cell upgrades and modernization for all types of dynamometers including those used in automotive, aerospace, industrial, commercial, off-highway, and agricultural industry solutions. Our broad-based expertise includes dynamometer test systems ranging from AC motor, hydrokinetic, hydrostatic, electric AC/DC, eddy current, and hysteresis brake, with core capabilities in:


Using proven, industry-standard equipment, Wineman Technology uses the best available tools in the marketplace to develop a system that is specific to your budget and needs. Whether your application requires a simple off-the-shelf controller, a complex multi-loop controller with hundreds of data acquisition channels, or a custom test system, our engineering and technical staff can deliver flexible solutions for completely redefining your dynamometer test cell.

White Paper

What is a Dynamometer?

Learn about the different types of dynamometers and how they are used, and see some examples of actual dynamometers created for Wineman Technology customers. 

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Featured Case Study

Wineman Technology Deploys Lubrizol Dyno System

The INERTIA-based dynamometer system provides model-based control for transmission testing.

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