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Use Python to control LabVIEW (and more)

Want to use your LabVIEW manual control screen for automated testing without the overhead of a complex test executive?  Would you like to utilize the vast libraries and ecosystem of Python (e.g. for data analysis) from LabVIEW?

Download TestScript here.


Introducing TestScript, WTI’s free, easy to use Python/LabVIEW connector.  TestScript features:

  1. Fully bidirectional access between Python and LabVIEW:  your LabVIEW application can tell Python to execute a script, and your Python script can call functions you create inside a LabVIEW application.
  2. Fully functional example code to get you started.  Simple programming interface.
  3. Free and includes source code under a very permissive license.
  4. You can run multiple scripts at a time.
  5. You can run a Python script on a different computer from your LabVIEW application – even on a Linux machine!
  6. Heavily documented sources, with Python code conforming to PEP 8 standards; you can peek under the hood and understand what’s happening.
  7. Compatible with Python 3 and LabVIEW 2013, 32-bit or later.

Download TestScript here.  For more details check out the release blog.

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Introducing TestScript:  Free Python/LabVIEW Connector

Learn why you would use TestScript to automate LabVIEW with Python scripts and how it differs from previous approaches.

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Who invented TestScript?

WTI Office Spotlight: Raleigh, NC

The Certified LabVIEW Architects at WTI's Raleigh, NC office collaborated to release TestScript.

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Download TestScript, the free Python/LabVIEW connector ------->
Download TestScript