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Dynacar is a fully validated real-time vehicle dynamics simulation software that allows automotive engineers to design and test all types of vehicle sub-systems in one complete and customizable environment.

As an add-on for NI VeriStand, Dynacar can be used throughout the powertrain design process for

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Implementation
  • Real-time testing of electronic control units

Created by Tecnalia – one of the leading applied research centers in Europe – and productized by Wineman Technology, this multi-domain and open architecture software changes the way vehicle systems are designed and tested, moving from a compartmentalized methodology to a more integrated approach for vehicle systems and components. 

With the growing complexity of vehicle electronics and electric powertrain technologies, speeding time to market is more important than ever. When designing vehicles with traditional software models, the use of static hardware definitions limits the ability to switch platforms, forcing engineers to rebuild and redeploy the model. However, Dynacar uses a single, common, off-the-shelf hardware and software platform with the flexibility to be modified on-the-fly for minimal redeployment and faster validation. Tests developed in the design and simulation phases can be reused all the way through the development cycle to the production floor, reducing development time and costs.

Dynacar is a powerful road vehicle model simulator with key software features that include:

1) Vehicle Data

  • Modeling for a wide range of vehicles
  • Adjustable design parameters with intuitive GUI
  • Simulation of vehicle dynamics, considering longitudinal and lateral dynamics
  • Tire-to-road contact modeling with the Pacejka Magic Formula
  • Real-time solving of tire forces for each wheel (Fx, Fy, Fz)

2) Powertrain Modeling

Dynacar includes libraries containing basic powertrain and transmission models for:

  • Conventional powertrains
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Up to 6-speed transmissions (manual, automatic or robotic)
  • Torque converter and clutch models
  • Electric powertrains
  • Electric motors
  • Energy storage system (battery)
  • Hybrid powertrains
  • Combined electric and internal combustion engines
  • Torque and energy management strategies

3) Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

  • Deterministic performance for real-time testing
  • Less than 1 ms loop solving time
  • Easy hardware I/O integration with test bench equipment
  • Integration with human-in-the-loop tests
  • Driving cycle editor for automated test
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