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As a leader in automotive test, Wineman Technology combines dedicated engineers, the latest technology, and state-of-the art equipment to solve critical testing challenges across a spectrum of applications for motorized vehicles and equipment.


Core application areas include:

Years of Experience

Our expertise in ground transportation and small engines uniquely sets us apart. Our engineering staff regularly deploys test solutions in all areas of development, from production equipment to systems for advanced research and development and functional test labs. Major automobile manufacturers and Fortune 1000 companies have standardized on our technologies for all their testing needs.

Our industry background encompasses:

Latest Technology

With an exceptional focus on technical know-how, quality, service, and support, we are dedicated to providing solutions based on the latest technologies, deployed in non-proprietary systems at cost-effective prices. Our equipment is designed using the best-available tools and components from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring maximum reliability for diverse system needs.


Automotive Test Guide

Through showcasing four real-world case studies, this guide highlights the latest challenges in automotive technology and how innovative test systems are helping manufacturers like you get a better product to market faster. 

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Featured Case Study

Ford Deploys Fuel Test System

Wineman Technology was selected to create a flexible, scalable hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test stand for evaluating alternative fuel passenger vehicles.

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