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As a leader in automotive test, WTI combines dedicated engineers, the latest technology, and state-of-the art equipment to solve critical testing challenges across a spectrum of applications for motorized vehicles and equipment. Our expertise in ground transportation and small engines uniquely sets us apart. Our engineering staff regularly deploys test solutions in all areas of development, from production equipment to systems for advanced research and development and functional test labs. 


Automotive Test Guide

Through showcasing four real-world case studies, this guide highlights the latest challenges in automotive technology and how innovative test systems are helping manufacturers like you get a better product to market faster. 

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Automotive Case Studies

Learn more about our automotive services by checking out these case studies.

Ford Deploys Fuel Cell Test System Using INERTIA Software

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Autonomous Six-Wheel Drive Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition System

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WTI parking brake
Electric Parking Brake HIL and Durability Testing using CANalytics Software

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Electric Vehicles

The move toward increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions has led the automotive industry to develop alternative solutions, such as fuel cell, plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). Our state-of-the-art tools aid in the design of the green powertrain systems to optimize vehicle performance, energy usage, total cost, and other variables. 

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Real-Time Control Software for Test Systems

INERTIA™ is a highly configurable automation software for real-time control, data acquisition, and test applications that enables test, manufacturing, and R&D engineers and scientists to quickly and easily develop, configure, and operate test cell systems using a configuration-based software application.

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