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We are military/aerospace specialists focused on developing world-class data acquisition and test equipment for complete systems, sub-systems and components used in development, production and research applications.  


Our equipment is designed with the best off-the-shelf components and tools from industry-leading manufacturers to ensure maximum system reliability, service, and support. We provide special-function machines, systems integration, automated test systems, machinery and controls modernizations, and software development. We also help develop test specifications and acceptance test plans
White Paper

Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell

The following paper focuses specifically on challenges faced by hydraulic system designers, and outlines an example of how Wineman Technology, Inc. leveraged off-the-shelf, modular hardware, a flexible software interface, and actual system components to create a highly efficient test stand for testing aerospace hydraulic system components under a variety of possible real-world scenarios.

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Developing System and Subsystem Integration Test Rigs for Aerospace Applications

This presentation examines the challenges aerospace developers face when deploying new aerospace systems for commercial and military aircraft. Download this free resource to learn how to develop the equipment you need to validate these systems in the lab before integrating them in the aircraft.

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