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Wind EnergyControl systems for turbine control have become increasing complex and have to operate in harsh environments while performing correctly and repeatability. Although it is possible to develop, test, and validate the electronic hardware and software used in controlling these systems in a lab or in the field, this methodology doesn’t offer the speed, portability, safety, and repeatability necessary to quickly move from prototype to system validation. 

Wineman Technology, Inc. can assist in this process by separating the validation of the control system from the physical hardware by simulating the hardware mathematically using hardware in the loop (HIL) test systems. This allows software and hardware validation in real-world conditions without the actual turbine. Our system will electrically simulate the system using mathematical models and standard I/O. We then run the hardware through a variety of tests that you create within the system. Our system will simulate changing wind conditions and system failures such as bad sensors and other operation modes, while we simultaneously monitor controller response. We monitor each signal to ensure that the controller operates in a predetermined, correct way to each condition and flag the operator to any problems.


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