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Wind EnergyImproving the quality of wind turbines is a critical step in making the large-scale adoption of wind power into reality. In order to succeed, wind energy companies must produce systems and components with reliable performance and low maintenance. Wineman specializes in building hardware and software test solutions that can help you simulate real-world conditions,control wind turbine subsystems, and identify defects before deployment.

With 20 years of experience in test equipment design, Wineman has the engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you create top notch test systems for wind turbine applications. Our diverse design capabilities cover every aspect of wind turbine testing, from dynamometer testing to life cycle durability to condition monitoring. With hundreds of systems successfully deployed around the country, we have built up an extensive suite of common hardware and software tools to meet all your test requirements. Our focus areas in wind turbine test include:

  • Structural Testing
    • Fatigue testing on gear boxes, drive shafts, and other components
    • Static testing for strength properties
    • Design validation of strain, stiffness, and displacement
  • Drivetrain Testing
    • Life cycle durability and endurance testing
    • Generator and gearbox testing
    • Component testing on gears, shafts, brakes and more
    • Load event testing and self-induced loads
    • Vibration and condition monitoring
  • Control Systems
    • Control of subsystems, such as blade pitch, braking, and de-icing
    • HIL and MIL testing for controllers, systems, and subsystems
    • Power monitoring and data acquisition

Example Solutions:
Wind Turbine Gearbox, Generator, Motor and Drive Testing
Wind Turbine Embedded Control Systems for HIL Testing
Wind Turbine Hydraulic Actuator Control and Testing

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