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NI VeriStand is a software environment for creating real-time testing applications more efficiently. Wineman Technology originally created this product in 2007 under the name of EASE. In 2009, Wineman Technology sold the software to National Instruments, and the product was rebranded as NI VeriStand.

Since then, Wineman Technology has continued to develop add-ons for NI VeriStand, enhancing this powerful and flexible test automation environment with easy-to-use tools for specific types of applications. These add-ons include:

NI VeriStand Add-On Description Distributed By
INERTIA Integrated real-time control and monitoring for test cell applications National Instruments
Dynacar Fully validated real-time vehicle model simulator Wineman Technology

NI VeriStand Overview (from the National Instruments website)

NI VeriStand is a ready-to-use tool that provides a configuration-based software environment to create real-time testing applications including hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems.

All of the common functionality necessary for most real-time testing applications, including host interface communication, data logging, stimulus generation, and I/O configuration, is provided by NI VeriStand - ready to configure and use. When necessary, you can customize and extend the open environment with NI LabVIEW, C/C++, and other environments, ensuring NI VeriStand always meets application requirements.

  • Create real-time test systems more efficiently using a configuration-based development environment
  • Configure analog, digital, protocol, and FPGA-based I/O interfaces
  • Import control algorithms and system models from LabVIEW and third-party modeling environments
  • Build test system interfaces quickly using a run-time-editable user interface
  • Add custom functionality using LabVIEW, NI TestStand, Iron Python, and other software environments
  • Implement real-time test automation and multirate data-logging tasks

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