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>INERTIA is a powerful test automation software specifically designed for quickly and  efficiently implementing real-time control and test applications. This software add-on for NI VeriStand provides a seamless, integrated control solution for test cell applications such as dynamometer and servo-hydraulic test systems. 

INERTIA has been successfully deployed in a wide range of test cell control systems, such as:

  • Engine cells, transmissions, and motors
  • Actuators, valves, and pumps
  • Turbines and gear boxes
  • Auxiliary power units (APUs)
  • Tire test systems
  • Life cycle durability
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) testing

Learn more about INERTIA Test Software

Globe Read the case study on how Ford selected INERTIA to deploy a fuel cell test system.

Video View a series of four INERTIA videos that demonstrate its interface, features, and tools. 

Contact Wineman Technology to discuss how INERTIA test automation software for real-time controls can help you meet your testing needs.

Watch a 1-minute video of NI product manager, Chris Washington, discussing the features of INERTIA and winning NI's Test Product of the Year Award.

Customer Testimonial
"I've been working in the field of data acquisition and control for over 25 years. INERTIA is the only control package that offers this level of customization. The straightforward programming methodology, combined with the ability to completely customize your control application, makes INERTIA a perfect fit for the research environment."
- Edward A. Tomlinson, Engineering Research, Lehigh University

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