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As a premier engineering firm that supplies custom test equipment, Wineman Technology delivers cost-effective and highly configurable engine hot test stands for major OEMs and engine component manufacturers. Unlike proprietary, locked down solutions, we use commercial off-the-self (COTS) hardware and software to create reliable, state of the art engine test cells with easily replaceable or upgradable components while achieving best in class functionality.


What is Engine Hot Testing?

Typically engine hot testing is performed to:

  • Determine fuel efficiency and drivability, which may include torque-speed performance test under steady-state and transient conditions
  • Evaluate the quality of production through periodic audit testing
  • Gain further knowledge about the engine itself via engine mapping exercises or development of multidimensional input-output maps among different engine variables (e.g. a map from intake manifold pressure and engine speed to intake air flow rate)

Delivering Fully Configurable Engine Test Cells

Whether the engine application is for automotive, commercial, lawn and garden, or off-highway vehicles, our end of line engine hot test or audit hot test systems can determine optimum performance metrics. Our solutions are fully configurable for evaluating a wide variety of engines based on any set of specific engine parameters, whether they are gas, diesel, loaded or non-loaded, or turbo charged. A flexible engine control module interface enclosure with mass termination connectors that mates to an engine specific harness is included and can easily be switched out to adapt to various single cylinder and multi-cylinder applications. Common procedures and key operations that are definable for the test stand to allow configuration for specific engine types may include:

  • Fuel air pressure leak test
  • Fuel engine fill
  • Fuel system purge
  • Stack light control
  • Chilled water control procedure
  • Ignition on procedure
  • Engine fuel system on procedure
  • Engine docking and undocking procedure

Using Powerful Software Optimized for Test

In addition to controlling the mechanical test stand, the key functionality of the engine hot test system is the evaluation of parameters generated by engine sensors and engine control module (ECM) software functions, including all diagnostic test codes (DTCs). Using Wineman Technology INERTIA software, engine parameters are defined and easily reconfigurable based on the specific engine and required test profile. All control, monitoring, and data logging of the engine functionality are then communicated over a standard communication bus, typically defined by the OEM. 

For test reporting, National Instruments (NI) DIAdem data management software tool is used to efficiently analyze and report large volumes of data, overcoming the limitations of using simpler tools such as Microsoft Excel. Commonly included reports include:

  • Histograms
  • Rejects/anomalies
  • X-bar and R charts
  • Trending

Example Projects

  • Heavy Duty Diesel Audit Test Stand for Detroit Diesel
  • Engine Life Cycle Durability Dynamometer for Kubota
  • Single Cylinder Rating Engine Dynamometer Control System for Federal Mogul
  • Transmission Dynamometer for Lubrizol

How Can Wineman Technology Help

Our systems integration and engineering services include technical consulting for the creation of test stand performance specifications, NI LabVIEW software code reviews, software development, custom test stand development, working with others to complete any portion of a project, and control or mechanical upgrades to outdated equipment. We also have a selection of hardware and software tools to aid engineers in building their own in-house test systems. For more information, learn about these related products and services: