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TurnkeyClutch dynamometer

Clutch and brake dynos for the SVTOL version of the F-35 from Wineman Technology use the latest technology for precise control of speed and applied braking, along with synchronized high-speed data acquisition for highly accurate and detailed results. With our INERTIA test automation software, users can execute complex braking and loading profiles in real-time to simulate virtually any real-world or accelerated test requirement. 

Our clutch and brake dynamometers feature:

  • Real-time model based control and standard PID control capabilities
  • Complex braking profile support including real-time mode transfers between force, torque, displacement, and speed
  • Integration with numerous engagement devices including hydraulic and electric actuators
  • Integration with numerous loading devices including AC/DC motors, hydraulic motors and brakes, as well as fixed or variable inertial plate systems
  • Integrated high-speed data acquisition, data logging, alarming, and calculations
  • Intuitive and flexible INERTIA test automation software and GUI


What is a dynamometerThe fundamentals of dynamometer systems. Learn about the different types, control system considerations, and common measurements.

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