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Wineman Technology Releases Part 2 of Video Series: Leveraging HIL Models to Improve Physical Testing

Posted by admin on March 6, 2012

The second of three videos in a series titled, “Leveraging HIL Models to Improve Physical Testing,” is now available. The videos are from a live keynote presentation at Wineman Technology’s open house event, hosted on September 22, 2011, in Saginaw, Michigan. Part Two in the series is titled, “Leveraging HIL Modeling to Improve Physical Testing.” This is a 10-minute presentation clip, where Chris Washington, Senior Product Manager for Real-Time Testing and HIL Simulation at National Instruments, examines the real-time vehicle model simulator Dynacar.

Part Three will continue on the theme of latest technologies for real-time testing by highlighting the applications and features of Wineman Technology product: INERTIA™.

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Video Series Part 2: Leveraging HIL Models to Improve Physical Testing
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