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Wineman Technology Partners with Viviota to Bring Insight to Big Data with Automated Test and Data Management Solutions

Posted by Todd VanGilder on March 1, 2018

Wineman Technology, Inc., an international test systems integrator, today announced the company has formed a strategic relationship with Viviota, innovator of engineering big data management and deep insight software, to offer comprehensive electromechanical test and data analytics solutions targeted at automotive, medical device, and aerospace markets.

Making Sense of Engineering Big Data

With the digital revolution of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, vast amounts of information are produced every day in R&D, manufacturing, and test labs. However, this technical data is not efficiently processed into the clear and cohesive story that decision makers need to make informed business improvements. Instead, companies use manual methods to collect and analyze data, resulting in slow turnaround times and inaccuracies.

NI Alliance Partners Wineman Technology and Viviota joined forces to create complete, automated test and data management solutions that truly inform decisions by integrating both operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). At the front end, Wineman Technology specializes in building custom test, real-time control, and analog data acquisition systems that generate clean, viable data. On the back end, Viviota helps customers find, fix, and analyze sensor data using data analytics and mining algorithms. The combination of electromechanical test, automated hardware, and intelligent software solutions ultimately gives managers big-picture, enterprise-level answers that save the company time, money, and engineering resources.

“NI is addressing the challenge of big data by enabling engineers to create automated test solutions for data management that produce actionable value and visibility to their entire business,” said Tony Vento, vice president of systems assurance and partners at NI. “We are glad to see Wineman Technology and Viviota using our platform to help customers advance from sensor data to automated test to intelligent results and decision making.”

Providing Test Management and Deep Insight with Software Tools

Wineman Technology and Viviota both offer specific test and data analysis software tools that integrate with NI technology platforms to bring deeper knowledge and greater insight from engineering data:

  • Wineman Technology’s TestTracker data management software gives lab managers a bird’s-eye view to manage incoming requests, assign tests, assess tester efficiency, and collect streamlined data – all from a centralized location. Using a single software platform, test engineers can easily connect to multiple pieces of test software, including LabVIEW, VeriStand, and INERTIA test system automation software.
  • Viviota’s Time-to-Insight Software Suite™ (TTI) accelerates big analog data discovery, acquisition, management, and analysis, allowing people to easily investigate and share engineering data across the enterprise. Leveraging the power of NI’s Data Management Software Suite, TTI has a track record of automating and reducing data management and reporting from 10 hours to 10 minutes.

TestTracker and TTI work together to help developers and manufacturers better understand products through storytelling with technical data. With this new partnership, Wineman Technology and Viviota look forward to together addressing the engineering big data challenge further.

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