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Wineman Technology Partners with OrangeWire Systems to Provide Switch, Load, and Signal Conditioning Products to Expedite Development of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Systems

Posted by Todd VanGilder on December 14, 2017

Wineman Technology has partnered with OrangeWire Systems to offer switch, load, and signal conditioning modules for the National Instruments SLSC platform. This product line works seamlessly with the National Instruments platform to provide flexible, COTS-based HIL systems for automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and other industries where real-time HIL simulation is critical for timely system development.

In order to keep up with the challenges of testing increasingly complex devices, HIL systems benefit from having flexible, modular components like the new SLSC modules that are reusable, reprogrammable, and scalable to future test system demands.

"Many times, an ECU or other devices under test (DUTs) can’t be connected directly to data acquisition I/O without additional loading or switching circuitry, so test engineers have to build a custom, one-off circuit from scratch every time," said Bill Uhl, President of OrangeWire Systems. "Now, OrangeWire and Wineman Technology are releasing a line of ready-made SLSC modules that smoothly integrates with NI technology and runs under the same software, allowing customers to save on design costs and get to market faster."

Rapid Deployment and Flexibility for COTS-Based HIL Systems

With decades of experience developing advanced test solutions, Wineman Technology uses comprehensive hardware and software platforms from National Instruments when building custom HIL test stands because the platforms offer open, high-performance solutions that can be quickly adapted to new technologies. By teaming up with OrangeWire Systems –a provider of innovative hardware and software tools focused on HIL simulation and other complex test applications – Wineman Technology is now uniquely positioned to offer an extensive offering of mix-and-match SLSC cards for signal conditioning, load simulation, and fault insertion.

"As a longtime NI Gold Alliance Partner and now NI HIL Specialty Alliance Partner, we at Wineman Technology wanted the ability to outfit clients with entirely COTS-based HIL solutions that have highly customizable hardware and software, facilitate rapid deployment, and include reliable product support. By partnering with OrangeWire Systems, we can provide clients with off-the-shelf signal conditioning products on a unified NI platform. Ultimately, these solutions will expedite the development process of complex HIL systems," said Todd VanGilder, Vice President of Sales at Wineman Technology.

Users Benefit from Easy Expandability and Specialized Technology

Current users of the OrangeWire SLSC platform, such as Inalfa Roof Systems in the automotive industry, chose the modular product line because of its easy expandability for future signal conditioning needs and top-notch customer support.

Ford Motor Company also selected cards, such as the OW-902-8 wheel speed simulator, for their pioneering technology that addresses market-specific requirements. Other popular solutions include the digital I/O scaling and fault insertion unit (FIU) modules to safely interface with DUTs without damaging the data acquisition and test equipment.

To learn more about the SLSC product family, visit our product page. SLSC Product Selection Guide

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