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Wineman Technology Participates in Brazil Trade Mission

Posted by admin on May 2, 2014

DSC02893 (2)The state of Michigan sponsored a Trade Mission to Brazil from March 24-27, 2014, and Wineman Technology participated with five other Michigan-based companies by sending Matt Eurich (President) and Darryn La Zar (VP of Sales). In addition to potential customer visits, the main purpose of the visit was to evaluate the Brazilian market for potentially exporting test equipment, assess the local competition, and investigate partnerships that could be used to grow our business in Brazil.

The Brazilian market is the seventh largest economy in the world and is a leader in manufacturing and R&D for the South American market. Brazil is very interesting to WTI as the local competition does not yet include a full-service supplier, and the local demand for high tech equipment in the broad range of industries we serve is growing. The customer base seems strong and the automotive manufacturing sector is very mature, yet falls behind in the high technology requirements of safety and the required testing that it entails. Finally, São Paulo-based Embraer – a Brazilian aerospace company that produces commercial, military, and executive aircraft – is a world leader in small business and commercial aviation technology.

The State of Michigan, through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), did an excellent job of organizing the trip and setting up customer visits for the participants. The support included local advisors, drivers and translators. During their time in Brazil, the WTI representatives visited five different companies, including automotive and aircraft manufacturing companies, and attended a tradeshow sponsored by National Instruments.

The most interesting visit was to a Brazilian Air Force base to look at a turbine engine test cell. Matt Eurich commented on the trip, “The trip was a huge eye-opener for me. The Brazilian market has huge growth potential for us. The challenge will be the tax laws and developing a plan for the local support our customers will demand.” WTI expects to win valuable business out of the trip, most likely materializing in several months.

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