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Wineman Technology Announces DynEDGE and ServoEDGE for High Performance Applications

Posted by admin on August 8, 2012

Real-Time Digital Controllers Provide Powerful Off-the-Shelf Solution for Dynamometer, Hydraulic, and Servo-Hydraulic Applications

AUSTIN, Texas – NIWeek -- August 8, 2012 – Wineman Technology, Inc. today announced at NIWeek the release of DynEDGE and ServoEDGE, integrated, multi-loop, data acquisition controllers. DynEDGE is an off-the-shelf solution for dynamometer applications, including system modernizations, new installations, turnkey systems, and complete test cell control and data acquisition systems, while ServoEDGE brings the same functionality to hydraulic and servo-hydraulic applications. The solutions are built on NI VeriStand software and the Wineman Technology INERTIA add-on, embedded on a multi-core NI PXI real-time controller.

“DynEDGE and ServoEdge, at their cores, are real-time digital controllers that use the power of a multi-core embedded NI PXI real-time controller,” said Jim Wineman, CEO of Wineman Technology. “With them, engineers get a powerful, off-the-shelf solution for dynamometer, hydraulic, and servo-hydraulic applications that maximize performance, flexibility, and reliability.”

The systems are designed and pre-configured using both NI PXI hardware and Wineman Technology’s integrated connector blocks and power module, which minimize cost and simplify connectivity and integration. DynEDGE provides a wide range of I/O capabilities for typical dynamometer applications, including pumps, engine test cells, electric motor test stands, axle test systems, steering components, and transmissions, while ServoEDGE provides a wide range of I/O capabilities for typical hydraulic applications, including motor test stands, valve test systems, hydrostatic drives, gearboxes, actuators, and other hydraulic components and systems. INERTIA software for real-time control provides each controller with a complete test profile editor with system configuration for defining I/O channels, shutdown procedures, PID control loop, and alarms.

The I/O for each system fits in a single, 8-slot PXI chassis and leaves two slots available for future hardware expansion. All I/O connectivity from the PXI hardware is routed with standard cables to Wineman Technology’s connector blocks and power module. These modules provide the necessary signal conditioning, linear and switching power supplies, network hub and e-stop circuitry, and breakout all available I/O to standard screw terminals for easy connectivity to system sensors and control hardware. The system includes a standard PC, LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and is housed in a single, full-height, 19-inch rack-mount enclosure. The enclosure comes complete with 4-inch castors, pullout keyboard tray, filtered ventilation port, and a monitor viewing and access panel.

DynEDGE and ServoEDGE provide numerous feature enhancements specifically for dynamometer control and configuration, and hydraulic control and configuration respectively, including:

  • Simplified profile generation with custom procedure commands
  • PIDF tuning
  • Custom control templates
  • Integrated closed loop PID control with model execution
  • Multi-client support

In addition, other add-ons can be provided to further customize the system, including high-speed data acquisition, integrated support for sub-systems, or adding Dynacar, a vehicle model simulation application. Features include:

  • Expandable 4-axis test cell controller with up to 4 kHz digital PID loop closure
  • Real-time, deterministic control and data acquisition for dynamometers
  • Wide variety of I/O, including frequency, encoder, strain gauge, thermocouple inputs, and numerous TTL and 24 VDC digital I/O
  • 19-inch rack-mount enclosure with NI VeriStand and the INERTIA add-on preloaded and all channels configured
  • Preloaded operator PC with NI VeriStand and INERTIA control software with custom procedure commands for simplified mode control and setup
  • Easy connectivity to connector blocks for wiring sensors
  • Integrated network hub and e-stop circuitry

For more information on DynEDGE, readers can visit /products/dynedge-controller-for-dynamometers/, and for more information on ServoEDGE, readers can visit /products/servoedge-controller/.

About Wineman Technology
Established in 1991, Wineman Technology, Inc. specializes in providing technical solutions for a wide range of test applications, such as dynamometer systems, servo-hydraulic systems, real time controllers and data acquisition, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems, and custom testing machines. Unlike other companies where test plays a partial role, Wineman Technology's singular focus is the design and development of test equipment for advanced research and development, functional test labs, and manufacturing production. Wineman Technology's focus on test systems with a diverse range of capabilities enables them to deliver superior system reliability, serviceability, and support.

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