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Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell

Posted by admin on July 14, 2015

If you’re designing hydraulic systems, especially in the commercial and military aircraft industries, you’re under a lot of pressure to keep pace with innovation and new technology, get to market faster, and optimize both cost and man-hour resources.Jet Airplane 1

There’s little room for error, and components need to work both individually as well as seamlessly with a complex system that includes numerous variables and external influences.

In our new white paper, called “Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell,” we discuss the challenges faced by hydraulic system designers and walk through an example of how we helped a customer use off-the-shelf, modular hardware, a flexible software interface, and actual system components to create a highly efficient test stand for testing aerospace hydraulic components under a variety of possible real-world scenarios.

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Topics: Test Cell, Hydraulic Systems, Custom Test Systems