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Wineman Technology Full-Scale Aircraft Hydraulics Test Cell Featured in Fluid Power Journal

Wineman Technology helped an aerospace hydraulics component vendor to build a full-scale test stand using physical components and steel tubing. Using 3D CAD geometry files of the aircraft hydraulics design, the tubing was precisely bent and assembled to replicate the exact aircraft geometry and volume.

Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell

If you’re designing hydraulic systems, especially in the commercial and military aircraft industries, you’re under a lot of pressure to keep pace with innovation and new technology, get to market faster, and optimize both cost and man-hour resources.

There’s little room for error, and components need to work both individually as well as seamlessly with a complex system that includes numerous variables and external influences.

In our new white paper, called “Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell,” we discuss the challenges faced by hydraulic system designers and walk through an example of how we helped a customer use off-the-shelf, modular hardware, a flexible software interface, and actual system components to create a highly efficient test stand for testing aerospace hydraulic components under a variety of possible real-world scenarios.

Build a Custom Test Cell in Weeks not Months, with INERTIA Test Cell Software


Top 8 Ways to Deal with Noise in Data Acquisition and Test Systems

Measuring analog signals within a data acquisition (DAQ) system is not always as simple as wiring the signal source leads to the measurement equipment. Data integrity is dependent on clean electrical signals being sent to and received from the electrical devices being controlled and monitored. Electrical noise can obscure these signals and make them unrecognizable, impairing an otherwise fine DAQ system. In this article, we are going to focus on coupled noise – noise from external sources that can affect the measurement signals in your system.

Key Considerations for Modernizing Existing Test Cell Controls and Data Acquisition Systems

In today’s world of computer-based data acquisition and controls systems, mechanical components often outlive the electronics in the system. When this happens, the tester may function correctly but the components used to control it are out-of-date, unsupported, and could lead to extensive downtime should they fail. At this point, decisions need to be made about the system’s future.

Wineman Technology Upgrades RAPID

Released last summer, RAPID is an integrated, multi-loop and data acquisition system for test cell applications that demand quick development and low-cost deployment. Wineman Technology is constantly looking for ways to improve RAPID to keep up with market needs and customer feedback. Our new upgrades so far have included: