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Success Story: Hydraulic Test and Simulation of Field-Installed Systems

Recently, a large industrial firm presented several hydraulic test system manufacturers with a challenge: develop a system to simulate a field installation for factory set-up and testing. Naturally everyone jumped at the chance for a line-up. Then the required system’s capabilities were outlined as follows:

Rapid II: The Fastest Way to Deploy Control and Data Acquisition in One Tester

What happens when a physical system or component needs to be tested for performance or durability? The developer sits down and figures out the requirements of the test system:

Setting the Default Data Logging Path in INERTIA

By default, INERTIA logs data to a timestamped folder within the Logs directory within your project’s folder, e.g., NI VeriStand 2015\Projects\MyProject\Logs\YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS. This default folder can be changed from theINERTIA Test Executor by pressing the option button:

New White Paper: Connecting Sensors to Data Acquisition System Analog Inputs

You’ve taken great care in selecting the right data acquisition sensors for your test system. But did you realize that ensuring proper sensor connection is just as important in ensuring stable and accurate measurements?

Green Energy Solutions for Hydraulic Test Stands

Many of our customers are now requiring their new servo-hydraulic test benches to be not only energy efficient, but to be designed to include the most environmentally friendly components and processes available. With this ever-increasing trend for “greener approaches”, Wineman has developed several solutions for adapting these new design practices into existing fluid power based test stand assemblies. Stand retrofits can combine several technologies, including energy conversion packages to more environmentally friendly system maintenance practices. In addition, WTI energy audits can provide a shopping list of possible upgrades, an upgrade cost analysis, and return-on-investment (ROI) studies to determine if your systems can “Go Green.”

Top 8 Ways to Deal with Noise in Data Acquisition and Test Systems

Measuring analog signals within a data acquisition (DAQ) system is not always as simple as wiring the signal source leads to the measurement equipment. Data integrity is dependent on clean electrical signals being sent to and received from the electrical devices being controlled and monitored. Electrical noise can obscure these signals and make them unrecognizable, impairing an otherwise fine DAQ system. In this article, we are going to focus on coupled noise – noise from external sources that can affect the measurement signals in your system.

Key Considerations for Modernizing Existing Test Cell Controls and Data Acquisition Systems

In today’s world of computer-based data acquisition and controls systems, mechanical components often outlive the electronics in the system. When this happens, the tester may function correctly but the components used to control it are out-of-date, unsupported, and could lead to extensive downtime should they fail. At this point, decisions need to be made about the system’s future.

INERTIA and Dynacar Donation Equip Mobile Lab for Testing Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Wineman Technology made an $80,000 software donation to the hybrid electric vehicle engineering program at Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech), a public research university in Houghton, Michigan. The donation consists of licenses for Dynacar, INERTIA™, and software support.