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Wineman Technology Recognized for 15 years as National Instruments Alliance Partner

Dr. James Truchard, President, CEO, and Co-founder of National Instruments, presented Jim Wineman, CEO of Wineman Technology, an award for 15 years in the National Alliance Partner Program on Monday, August 1, at Alliance Day in Austin, Texas.

Wineman Technology's Newest Fan

This year Wineman Technology had a huge presence at NIWeek which wrapped up August 4th. We had tattoos created for the occasion, and our newest, cutest fan is below modeling his.

NIWeek 2011 Highlights

WINDPOWER 2011 Highlights

WINDPOWER 2011, the world’s largest annual wind energy event wrapped up May 25th in Anaheim, California.

We hope all our booth guests went home with more insight on how Wineman’s hardware and software test solutions can help you test and control wind turbine subsystems and components, simulate real-world conditions, and identify defects before deployment.

Congradulations to Scott Knight from Link-Belt Cranes for winning our WINDPOWER 2011 iPad 2 giveaway.

A few themes from WINDPOWER 2011:

  1. Prognostic Monitoring: There is a move in the industry toward prognostic monitoring over predictive monitoring. Predictive monitoring only provides information once an event is causing a problem; prognostic monitoring provides data about what is likely to happen in the future based on the information it is collecting. Most existing systems are not able to provide the high data rate capture in order to provide prognostic information and real-time analysis.
  2. Test Challenges: Today, the lifetime of a gearbox is targeted at 20 – 25 years. However, the industry still doesn’t have enough historical data to really understand how long gearboxes will last under long-term operation with real world forces at play.
  3. Growth trend: More full system suppliers are working to penetrate the US market and many are coming out of Asia. Foreign wind turbine companies are increasingly moving their manufacturing sites stateside, however the R&D as well as the testing is remaining off-shore. Of note is the acquisition of Clipper Wind by United Technologies.

The show is over, but you can use the quick product links below to learn more about Wineman’s solutions from WINDPOWER 2011.

  • View a 2-minute Youtube video demonstrating our wind power test capabilities with our gear box test stand as shown at our WINDPOWER booth.
  • Visit our website and learn more about INERTIA™ Test Automation Software featured in the gear box test stand.
  • Download the datasheet for the RAPID multi-axis test controller, designed to help engineers rapidly deploy systems for structural, fatigue and component testing.
  • Learn more about our diverse design and control capabilities to meet all your wind turbine test requirements on our Wind Power Test Solutions page.

5 Ways to Improve Your Product Testing at WINDPOWER 2011

Improving the quality of wind turbines is a critical step in making the large-scale adoption of wind power a reality. Wind energy manufacturers and suppliers must produce systems and components with reliable performance and low maintenance.

Wineman Technology is excited to announce our 2011 Trade Show Schedule

WINDPOWER 2011: May 22-25, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California - Booth #908.