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MRO Test Stand Automation in Today’s Business Environment

It seems that several external influences are changing the way we think about Automated MRO Testing in today’s business models.  The wave of challenges triggered by the recent global pandemic has led to lower throughput volumes, reduced testing staff, a loss of experienced senior operators, and a greater need for reduced costs.  As a result, the way we look at the old manual processes in place for the past several years may be changing.

Wineman Technology Honored to be a Founding Member of Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan

Anytime I travel around the country and let people know what we do at Wineman Technology (WTI), the assumption is made that we must be strongly focused on the automotive market. While it is true that Michigan has an automotive-focused manufacturing sector, we also have thriving manufacturing in other sectors, including aerospace. WTI’s emphasis on “providing insight through electromechanical test” resonates in many industries, and we strive to balance our business volume between automotive, aerospace and other sectors by focusing on a range of applications that benefit from the same underlying technology.

An Interactive Overview of Our Aerospace and Defense Solutions

As part of recent update to our website we have incorporate a way to quickly illustrate the multitude of the services we provide to the aerospace and defense industry. Our goal was to provide a user-focused, interactive experience.

Using Wineman Technology INERTIA Test Automation Software to Create a Flight Control Simulation System for the Dream Chaser® Spacecraft


Aerospace Solutions - Iron Bird Testing by Wineman Technology

Today’s commercial and military aircrafts are increasing complex and call for high-performance test solutions. Proving out systems, sub-systems, and components, before the actual flight of an aircraft, requires sophisticated test systems to ensure proper design, function, and durability. These test systems reduce the long-term cost of operation, flight safety, and of course, the potential need of redesign by aircraft suppliers and OEMs.

Aero Engineering 2011 Highlights

This year was the first time for Wineman Technology to attend and exhibit at Aero Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK. We enjoyed talking with so many professionals from all aspects of the aerospace industry.

Visit Wineman Technology at Aero Engineering 2011

For more information, please visit ourAero Engineering 2011 events page.