SAE 2012 Small Engine Technology Conference Highlights

The SAE 2012 Small Engine Technology Conference wrapped up October 18th in Madison, Wisconsin.

We hope all our booth guests went home with more insight on how Wineman Technology’s hardware and software solutions can solve critical testing challenges across a spectrum of small engine applications, such as dynamometers systems, real-time controllers and data acquisition, and custom test systems.

A few themes from SAE 2012 Small Engine Technology Conference:

  1. The trend is going towards integrating CAN bus into small engine systems.
  2. Upcoming emissions regulations are influencing small engine development.
  3. The increase in electronic control modules for end user of small engines is leading to the requirement for hardware and software validation.

The show is over, but you can use the quick product links below to learn more about our solutions from SAE 2012 Small Engine Technology Conference.

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