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Running Post-Processing After a Test Completes

Posted by Roy Krans on August 31, 2016

 INERTIA supports launching a user-developed LabVIEW VI upon test completion. This option is set through the Test Executor Options that are accessed by selecting the Options buttons:


In the options dialog, you then have the option to select a Post-Processing VI.


Your post-processing VI is launched as shown below and therefore must have a matching connector panel as well as no subVIs that conflict with any VeriStand or Inertia components. The summary of inputs to your post processing VI follows:

  • Test File Path: the full path to the Inertia test profile that was just executed.
  • Log File Paths: an array of paths of all log files that were created during this test.
  • Gateway IP Address: a string representation of the VeriStand gateway’s IP address.
  • Project File Path: the full path to the VeriStand project file that is currently running.
  • System Definition Root: the reference to the VeriStand system definition root.


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Topics: Custom Test Systems, WTI Software