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NIWeek 2016: New Wineman Technology Test Lab Management Software Increases Accuracy, Efficiency in Today's Test Labs

Posted by admin on August 2, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas -- NIWeekAugust 2, 2016 – Wineman Technology, Inc., a leading test solutions company, today announced its new TestTracker Data Management Software. The new software is a test lab management tool for managers, product engineers, and test engineers who rely on efficient and accurate testing. This news comes during NIWeek, the annual conference for NI partners and customers, and Wineman Technology is showcasing the new TestTracker Data Management Software in booth #921 at the show. New Software Brings Insight to Lab Managers and R&D/Product Engineers

Lab managers must manage and prioritize incoming tests, assign tests to testers, assess various test versions, translate test data, and disseminate results throughout their organization. Variations in this process can lead to inaccurate tests, inefficient use of testers, test backlog, and mistakes in manual data transfer. The new TestTracker Data Management Software manages and prioritizes incoming requests, assigns tests, delegates those tests to the appropriate testers, collects streamlined data, and sends results to the necessary stakeholders -- all from a central location. The software also integrates configuration management for both test sequences and test data to ensure traceability. With an automated system, test lab managers get the most efficient use of their testers and R&D engineers get quicker, more accurate results.

“Our solutions help companies test accurately, use resources efficiently, and track data across their organization,” said Matt Eurich, President of Wineman Technology. “TestTracker fills a void between corporate requirements management tools and the test lab. It helps the lab maximize throughput and generate traceable data, while offering management insight into key test metrics.”

Streamlined, Accessible Data Informs Development

TestTracker Data Management Software provides a dashboard where lab managers can see all tests in the lab and assess efficiencies or uptime. With a similar dashboard, product engineers can track a particular test and review results. The system posts data to a server, where users can access all data and search for previous tests or results.

Proven History of Off-the-Shelf Test and Validation Solutions

As a leader in the design and development of test equipment, Wineman Technology combines dedicated engineers, the latest technologies, and state-of-the art equipment to solve critical testing challenges across a spectrum of applications.

INERTIA™, a configurable automation software developed by Wineman Technology, is optimized for real-time control and data acquisition, component test, and test cell automation. It provides test, manufacturing, and R&D engineers and scientists the ability to quickly and easily develop, configure, and operate their test systems.

The TestTracker Data Management Software will streamline data from any testers, including those running tests with LabVIEW, VeriStand, or INERTIA, bringing all data to a centralized location. 

To learn more, readers can speak with Wineman Technology engineers at NIWeek 2016 in booth #921, or visit winemantech.com.

About Wineman Technology            

Established in 1991, Wineman Technology, Inc. specializes in test systems and test cell applications with a focus on dynamometer and hydraulic test systems, real-time control and data acquisition, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, and custom test machines. Unlike other companies where test plays a partial role, Wineman Technology’s singular focus is the design and development of test equipment for advanced research and development, functional test labs, and manufacturing production across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy. Wineman Technology’s engineers meet test challenges with the experience of hundreds of successful deployed test solutions. 

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