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New Product: DynEDGE Controller

Posted by admin on May 17, 2012

The DynEDGE controller for dynamometers is an integrated, multi-loop control and data acquisition system designed specifically for dynamometer applications, including system modernizations, new installations, and complete test cell control and data acquisition systems. The system is built on National Instruments (NI) VeriStand™ software and Wineman Technology INERTIA™ add-on, embedded on a multi-core NI PXI real-time controller and housed in a single full height 19” rack-mount enclosure. INERTIA software for real-time control provides a complete test profile editor with system configuration for defining I/O channels, shutdown procedures, PID control loop, and alarms.

The system is designed and pre-configured utilizing both NI PXI hardware and Wineman Technology’s integrated connector blocks and power module to minimize cost and simplify connectivity and integration. The system provides a wide range of I/O capabilities typical of dynamometer applications, such as pumps, engine test cells, electric motor test stands, axle test systems, steering components, and transmissions. It also can easily be modified by the customer to cover a wide range of I/O requirements since the product is based on off-the-shelf hardware.

Contact Wineman Technology for pricing and more information on DynEDGE.

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