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Dynacar Wins CAE Innovation of the Year Award

Posted by admin on January 9, 2012

Dynacar, the world’s first fully validated, real-time vehicle model simulator, has won Automotive Testing Technology International’s CAE Innovation of the Year award in 2011. The simulator allows automotive design and test engineers to test passenger and light vehicles, from conventional to electric and hybrid, in one complete vehicle environment. Dynacar is the result of a project between Wineman Technology and Tecnalia, one of the leading applied research centers in Europe.

Dynacar is a plug-in for Wineman Technology’s INERTIA test automation software and National Instruments’ VeriStand real-time test and simulation software. When designing vehicles with traditional software models, the use of static hardware definitions limits your ability to switch platforms, forcing you to rebuild and redeploy the model. However, Dynacar uses one, common off-the-shelf hardware and software platform with the flexibility to be modified on the fly for minimal redeployment and faster validation. Tests developed in the design and simulation phases can be reused all the way through the development cycle to the production floor, reducing development time and costs.

Wineman Technology is the exclusive distributor for Dynacar in the Americas. Contact us for pricing and more information on this product. Training and support services are also available for configuration, integration, start-up, model development, on-site instruction, and integrated test solutions.

Automotive Testing Technology International

Automotive Testing Technology International was launched in 1998 as a quarterly review of the very latest research and developments within the area of automotive test and evaluation. With a worldwide circulation of over 15,000, Automotive Testing Technology International has become the leading and most respected magazine covering breaking stories in the fields of vehicle reliability, durability, safety, quality, NVH, and dynamics testing and evaluation.

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