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Todd VanGilder

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How Experience with DO-178 Translates to Other Industries

Providing end-to-end service and serving our customers throughout the entire product design process are two of the greatest benefits of the recent merging of CertTech and WTI. CertTech brings to the table vast expertise performing in-depth analysis of high-level product requirements in order to define the necessary test cases to get the product certified. WTI, as you know, brings a proficiency in designing and building test equipment that can execute those test cases to ensure regulatory compliance. The experience of both companies resides heavily in the aerospace industry. This experience with stringent aerospace standards (like DO-178, which has become a standard for standards) is easily translated to other industries, including automotive and medical devices.

Meeting Medtech’s Quality Assurance Demands Through Effective Test Strategies

When the word “quality” comes up in highly regulated industries like aerospace, automotive, or medical device manufacturing, a lot comes with it into the conversation. Balancing quality assurance demands in order to maintain compliance with regulatory standards is just one part of that challenge. Another part of this is holding to those standards while also keeping product longevity in mind. After all, these are industries where once something is put into service, it’s expected to be operational for years or even decades to come. Pushing and pulling on both of these criteria are the ubiquitous demands to do more with less - and to do it faster.

New at NIWeek 2019: Visit Wineman Tech in Booth 1019

Visit Wineman Technology in booth #1019 at NIWeek 2019.

Visit WTI in Booth #7020 at the Automotive Testing Expo 2018

Meet with Wineman Technology at Automotive Testing Expo 2018, held October 23-25, in the newly expanded Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan to learn how our expertise in building HIL systems can both meet your test schedules and achieve your requirements.

Baseball and Life

I have been managing my son’s baseball teams since he was 3 years old. He is 17 now, and this will be our last season together. When I see him on the field, I feel so much pride in knowing what a great kid he was; teenager he is; and man he will someday be. 

As coaches, we have always recognized the tremendous responsibilities that are inherent to coaching a team sport. The things we have emphasized over the years have helped shape who they are and will become.

5 HIL Trends for Chassis and Body Electronics Test

According to FMI’s Automotive Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Market Assessment, the global market for ECUs – including engine, brake, suspension, and body control modules – is forecasted to grow at a strong CAGR of 7.1% through the period of 2017-2022. The race to creating smarter, safer, and cleaner cars for the mass market is tighter than ever, and with that comes the pressure to speed up the R&D cycle while still providing comprehensive, bulletproof testing that roots out potential problem areas.

Wineman Technology Partners with Viviota to Bring Insight to Big Data with Automated Test and Data Management Solutions

Wineman Technology, Inc., an international test systems integrator, today announced the company has formed a strategic relationship with Viviota, innovator of engineering big data management and deep insight software, to offer comprehensive electromechanical test and data analytics solutions targeted at automotive, medical device, and aerospace markets.

2018 Test Industry Trends to Watch For: Data Science and Test Management

Technology is evolving faster than ever with more intelligence, more data, more connectivity… more everything. The test industry is no bystander to these effects and must adapt to the challenges of designing, validating, and diagnosing increasingly complex devices. So what’s on the horizon for 2018? Find out what we at Wineman Technology predict will have the biggest impact on test lab managers and system integrators:

Data Science

Engineers by nature are problem solvers. So when it comes to designing a test machine, the team will dive straight into nailing down the design requirements without really thinking about big picutre questions --

Wineman Technology Partners with OrangeWire Systems to Provide Switch, Load, and Signal Conditioning Products to Expedite Development of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test Systems

Wineman Technology has partnered with OrangeWire Systems to offer switch, load, and signal conditioning modules for the National Instruments SLSC platform. This product line works seamlessly with the National Instruments platform to provide flexible, COTS-based HIL systems for automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and other industries where real-time HIL simulation is critical for timely system development.

Visit Us at NIWeek 2017

Wineman Technology will be in Austin, Texas at NIWeek 2017, May 22 - 25.  Come see us at booth #827 on the Expo Floor. We'll be debuting our brand new booth, sharing demos and new products, as well as partnering with the Berghof Group for a joint demo of their new tell cell control system PIA Prime. We will also have the new NI ATE Core Configuration in our booth that will be demoed during the Monday Alliance Day Keynote.  Contact us to set up an appointment, or just stop by when you have a minute. See you in Austin!