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WTI Joins CertTech to Extend Strategic Test Capabilities for Clients Worldwide

Today, WTI (formerly Wineman Technology, Inc.) announced the company has been acquired by CertTech, an expert in mission-critical and safety applications, to further extend end-to-end test capabilities and regulatory compliance for clients worldwide. With this acquisition, CertTech/WTI can more comprehensively serve leading Fortune 500 companies and prime contractors in evolving industries such as automotive, off-highway, rail, space, aerospace, defense, and medical devices.

Wineman Attends Paris Airshow 2019

Visit Wineman Technology in Hall 3, Booth E128 at the 2019 Paris Air Show

Measure Twice and Cut Once: The Importance of Creating Detailed Requirements Documents

“I Need a Solution Yesterday”

When working with a systems integrator to provide a custom solution to fit your specific needs, the project process often begins with an in-depth investigation to examine the customer requirements. In order to thoroughly understand the application, this may involve several meetings between the client and integrator to hammer out details, ask more questions, and get additional clarification. Many times customers and/or service providers may want to speed through this process and get straight to the execution phase as soon as possible because of tight deadlines. It takes valuable time to sit through those planning and design discussions and produce multiple revisions of the specifications. Is all that really necessary?

Lessons Learned from the 2018 First Robotics Season

The First Robotics season is over for 2018, but it’s not too late to write my annual blog about what I learned from building a robot over the span of a couple of months with a bunch of high school students.

Wineman Technology Honored to be a Founding Member of Aerospace Industry Association of Michigan

Anytime I travel around the country and let people know what we do at Wineman Technology (WTI), the assumption is made that we must be strongly focused on the automotive market. While it is true that Michigan has an automotive-focused manufacturing sector, we also have thriving manufacturing in other sectors, including aerospace. WTI’s emphasis on “providing insight through electromechanical test” resonates in many industries, and we strive to balance our business volume between automotive, aerospace and other sectors by focusing on a range of applications that benefit from the same underlying technology.

Providing Insight through Electromechanical Test

When someone asks what we do at Wineman Technology (WTI) it is often hard to explain.  The simplest answer is we build test equipment; although this statement is true, it fails to convey the most valuable service we provide to our customers.  Test equipment describes a wide range of machines and hand-held devices performing design validation, quality control, end-of-line testing, and diagnostics. A wide variety of products use these machines and devices.  Test equipment ranges from simple to complex and is in R&D labs, factory floors, and local service departments.  How can we describe the niche we have carved out in this market and capture the unique value we bring?  When I put this question to the engineering managers at WTI, one of them came back with the phrase “we provide insight through electromechanical test”, and when he said it we knew we had defined what is special about WTI.

Top Two Lessons Learned from FIRST Robotics 2017 Season


I’ve been trying to find time to write a blog about my experiences with FIRST Robotics Competition since I wrote the first one last year. This is my third year working with a First Team and my first year as the head coach. I’d like to tell that I have everything figured out and that my 25+ years of experience building custom equipment, using LabVIEW and managing engineers has made team 5703 a championship-level team however, I must admit that I learn more every year than the students do. Sure, I have more experience and technical skills than they do but they certainly have me beat in terms of enthusiasm, a “can do” attitude and imagination. After a long build and competition season I’m tired and ready for a break but I can’t help but feel renewed after working with the students.