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An Interactive Overview of Our Aerospace and Defense Solutions

Posted by admin on February 5, 2016

As part of recent update to our website we have incorporate a way to quickly illustrate the multitude of the services we provide to the aerospace and defense industry. Our goal was to provide a user-focused, interactive experience.

With this mindset, we recently launched our new interactive aerospace and defense graphic. With it, you can quickly see the variety of services we provide in these industries, and also dig deeper into specific services as necessary.

The graphic has numbered items, which display a quick overview of each service as you mouse over each one. To learn more, just click on that number and you’ll jump to a web page with more in-depth information.


For example, hovering over the middle of the wing (#1) brings up information on flight surface test systems, with a quick blurb about how we use INERTIA software to create them: “A control and data acquisition system that applies aerodynamic loads to the Dream Chaser using Wineman Technology INERTIA™ test automation software and non-proprietary hardware.” Clicking on the link then brings up a case study on “Using Wineman INERTIA Test Automation Software to Create a Flight Control Simulation System for the Dream Chaser® Spacecraft.”

We hope this graphic will provide you with a quick way to understand the depth and variety of aerospace applications we have been involved with. It is by no means an exhaustive list so please feel free to contact us if you have an application that is not listed. One of our engineers would be happy to discuss your application with you.


Our team is incredibly proud of the work we do for the aerospace and defense industry. To learn more about our work in the aerospace and defense industry, you can read our whitepaper on our capabilities.

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