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Wineman Technology Full-Scale Aircraft Hydraulics Test Cell Featured in Fluid Power Journal

Posted by admin on August 23, 2017

Wineman Technology helped an aerospace hydraulics component vendor to build a full-scale test stand using physical components and steel tubing. Using 3D CAD geometry files of the aircraft hydraulics design, the tubing was precisely bent and assembled to replicate the exact aircraft geometry and volume.

National Instruments (NI) CompactDAQ data acquisition hardware and LabVIEW software were utilized to create a test stand with greater flexibility and customization. The customer can now:

  • Create test profiles and automate testing
  • Run durability cycles
  • Simulate flaps under load
  • Measure transient impulse responses

You can read the full article “Validating Aircraft Hydraulics with a Full-Scale Test Cell” at Fluid Power Journal.

CAD drawing by Wineman Technology(Source: Fluid Power Journal)

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