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Aero Engineering 2011 Highlights

Posted by admin on November 14, 2011

This year was the first time for Wineman Technology to attend and exhibit at Aero Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK. We enjoyed talking with so many professionals from all aspects of the aerospace industry.

We hope all our booth guests went home with more insight on how Wineman Technology can help you solve critical testing challenges across a wide spectrum of aerospace applications, such as iron birds, control system modernization, structural test, and turbine engine and component test cell integration.

A few themes from Aero Engineering 2011:

  1. The biggest trend at the show was the transition from traditional structural materials to composites.
  2. Out of the different testing solutions we talked about, hydraulic testing equipment was one of the most popular topics.
  3. Lots of European integrators are actively looking for partnership opportunities with U.S. test integrators.

The show is over, but you can use the quick product links below to learn more about our solutions from Aero Engineering 2011.

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