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CertTech Acquires Butterfield Engineering Further Expanding Test and Integration Capabilities

CertTech announced today that the company has acquired Butterfield Engineering, a specialized test engineering firm focused on modular test systems and test software development. This announcement comes on the heels of CertTech’s March 2020 acquisition of WTI.

How Experience with DO-178 Translates to Other Industries

Providing end-to-end service and serving our customers throughout the entire product design process are two of the greatest benefits of the recent merging of CertTech and WTI. CertTech brings to the table vast expertise performing in-depth analysis of high-level product requirements in order to define the necessary test cases to get the product certified. WTI, as you know, brings a proficiency in designing and building test equipment that can execute those test cases to ensure regulatory compliance. The experience of both companies resides heavily in the aerospace industry. This experience with stringent aerospace standards (like DO-178, which has become a standard for standards) is easily translated to other industries, including automotive and medical devices.

Success Story: Hydraulic Test and Simulation of Field-Installed Systems

Recently, a large industrial firm presented several hydraulic test system manufacturers with a challenge: develop a system to simulate a field installation for factory set-up and testing. Naturally everyone jumped at the chance for a line-up. Then the required system’s capabilities were outlined as follows:

MRO Test Stand Automation in Today’s Business Environment

It seems that several external influences are changing the way we think about Automated MRO Testing in today’s business models.  The wave of challenges triggered by the recent global pandemic has led to lower throughput volumes, reduced testing staff, a loss of experienced senior operators, and a greater need for reduced costs.  As a result, the way we look at the old manual processes in place for the past several years may be changing.

Meeting Medtech’s Quality Assurance Demands Through Effective Test Strategies

When the word “quality” comes up in highly regulated industries like aerospace, automotive, or medical device manufacturing, a lot comes with it into the conversation. Balancing quality assurance demands in order to maintain compliance with regulatory standards is just one part of that challenge. Another part of this is holding to those standards while also keeping product longevity in mind. After all, these are industries where once something is put into service, it’s expected to be operational for years or even decades to come. Pushing and pulling on both of these criteria are the ubiquitous demands to do more with less - and to do it faster.

CertTech and WTI Share the 'Why' Behind Their Joined Vision and the Future of Test and Measurement

Contributed By Morgan Norris, Sr. Brand Strategist, TREW Marketing

Recently, CertTech, an expert in test solutions for mission-critical and safety applications acquired WTI (formerly Wineman Technology, Inc.), a leader in custom test system development, to further enhance end-to-end test and real-time simulation capabilities for clients worldwide.

WTI Joins CertTech to Extend Strategic Test Capabilities for Clients Worldwide

Today, WTI (formerly Wineman Technology, Inc.) announced the company has been acquired by CertTech, an expert in mission-critical and safety applications, to further extend end-to-end test capabilities and regulatory compliance for clients worldwide. With this acquisition, CertTech/WTI can more comprehensively serve leading Fortune 500 companies and prime contractors in evolving industries such as automotive, off-highway, rail, space, aerospace, defense, and medical devices.

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