Wineman Technology Full-Scale Aircraft Hydraulics Test Cell Featured in Fluid Power Journal

Wineman Technology helped an aerospace hydraulics component vendor to build a full-scale test stand using physical components and steel tubing. Using 3D CAD geometry files of the aircraft hydraulics design, the tubing was precisely bent and assembled to replicate the exact aircraft geometry and volume.

Rapid II: The Fastest Way to Deploy Control and Data Acquisition in One Tester

What happens when a physical system or component needs to be tested for performance or durability? The developer sits down and figures out the requirements of the test system:

How to Effectively Use Hierarchical Variant Lookup Tables

A lookup table is a table of values that may need to be indiscriminately retrieved programmatically, often even determined subjectively by a user’s input. Using an array and brute force linear searching is often the first method that comes to mind for many programmers, but the larger the table is or grows the more inefficient this method quickly becomes. Variant lookup tables can be created using a simple LabVIEW API that utilizes very efficient algorithms for key-value pairs.

Wineman Technology Hub Test Rig Featured in Automotive Testing Technology International

A custom, state-of-the-art hub test stand developed by Wineman Technology was recently featured in Automotive Testing Technology International, and  OEM Off-Highway publications. We worked with GKN Wheels & Structures – a global company that provides products and services for agriculture, construction, mining, and other off-highway industries – to increase their hub and spindle fatigue testing capabilities. The goals of the new hub test equipment were to eliminate expensive field testing, develop lighter hub castings, and speed time-to-market.

 Image Source: OEM Off-Highway

Answering the Customer's Big Questions

In a previous post , I wrote about how data science can be an important part of systems integration. In this post, I will outline a few more details about how that happens by explaining a graphic that our Raleigh office has developed. 

Data Science and Systems Integration


Data Science. Systems Integration. For many systems integrators, the two seem to lie at an ideal hand-off point with nothing in common. The systems integrators generate the data and store it. Once that is done, the systems integrators have finished the job. The customers do what they like with the data, problem solved. I would argue, however, that there are significant opportunities for helping customers at a higher level (higher, meaning not only further away from hardware but also higher up in the customer's management hierarchy) in the realm of data science.

Wineman Technology Brings Trusted Experience with HIL Test Solutions and NI Technology

Wineman Technology, Inc., today announced that it was recognized as a National Instruments Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Specialty Alliance Partner. As a longtime National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner with more than 25 years of experience, Wineman Technology was selected for its demonstrated expertise and in-house development of complete HIL systems using NI’s leading-edge commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies.

Wineman Technology Recognized at NIWeek 2017 for CANalytics Platform and Overall Technical Leadership

Wineman Technology, Inc., a leading test solutions company, today announced that its CANalytics software was named the National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network Application Enablement Product of the Year award winner. The company was also honored with the NI Alliance Partner Network Gold Level Outstanding Technical Resources award. NI presented these awards today at NIWeek, the annual conference for its Alliance Partners and customers, held May 22-25 in Austin, Texas.

Top Two Lessons Learned from FIRST Robotics 2017 Season


I’ve been trying to find time to write a blog about my experiences with FIRST Robotics Competition since I wrote the first one last year. This is my third year working with a First Team and my first year as the head coach. I’d like to tell that I have everything figured out and that my 25+ years of experience building custom equipment, using LabVIEW and managing engineers has made team 5703 a championship-level team however, I must admit that I learn more every year than the students do. Sure, I have more experience and technical skills than they do but they certainly have me beat in terms of enthusiasm, a “can do” attitude and imagination. After a long build and competition season I’m tired and ready for a break but I can’t help but feel renewed after working with the students.

Visit Us at NIWeek 2017

Wineman Technology will be in Austin, Texas at NIWeek 2017, May 22 - 25.  Come see us at booth #827 on the Expo Floor. We'll be debuting our brand new booth, sharing demos and new products, as well as partnering with the Berghof Group for a joint demo of their new tell cell control system PIA Prime. We will also have the new NI ATE Core Configuration in our booth that will be demoed during the Monday Alliance Day Keynote.  Contact us to set up an appointment, or just stop by when you have a minute. See you in Austin!