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The Hough Circle Transform in Native LabVIEW

 The Hough Circle Transform has been known for some time.[1] The Hough Circle Transform takes in data and a known radius, and outputs the center of the circle with that radius, that best fits the data. It does this by setting up an accumulator grid, all initialized to zero, in which each data point votes on where it thinks the circle center is. A more formal description follows.

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Saving Results in an INERTIA Test

Results in INERTIA store the result of some comparison at some time within your test. Each result can contain a single record or an array of records with each record having a timestamp, the channel’s value, the comparison, and the result of the comparison. To define a result in an INERTIA  Test Profile (within the Inertia Profile Editor), right-click on the Results folder and select Add Result. This will create an empty Result that needs to be configured. 

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Running Post-Processing After a Test Completes

 INERTIA supports launching a user-developed LabVIEW VI upon test completion. This option is set through the Test Executor Options that are accessed by selecting the Options buttons:

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