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Local data-acquisition support.  Michigan-based build capabilities. 


Whether you're constructing a bench-top measurement experiment or building a turn-key test machine, you may be interested in:

Certified LabVIEW Architect1. Quick Progress.  LabVIEW solves problems that require parallel computing, an interactive user interface, and a short timeline.  So, we've spent 1,000 hours preparing a LabVIEW application start point.  You might be closer to deployment than you think.

2. Source Code.  Already familiar with LabVIEW?  You'll have the option to make software modifications in house.

3. TestScript.  On-the-fly sequencing requirements typically surface after deployment.  TestScript allows you to control your LabVIEW application from a simple Python text file.  For example, to cycle a relay and take measurements all night, create a PY file and type:

for i in range(20000):
dmm = read_voltage()

Notice the lack of import statements, complex syntax, and connecting code.  Add some of Python's flow control and conditional logic only if you want to.

Thousands of lines of Python and LabVIEW code run in the background to bring the sequencing power of Python to LabVIEW.

TestScript is the world's only bi-directional Python-LabVIEW connector. 


In summary:

  1. Lean on LabVIEW for parallel tasks (i.e. hardware access) and an interactive, live user interface.
  2. We've probably already written most of what you'll need.  The source code is included. 
  3. Use simple Python scripts to control the application for on-the-fly tasks that pop up.

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If you are worried about missing your timeline due to limited resources, frustrated that your test equipment is unreliable, or you're feeling uneasy about your test coverage, we may be able to help.

  • Your staff balances multiple priorities and can even lose productivity through internal meetings or broad organizational directives.
  • Partnering with WTI means deploying surge support now and gaining perspective about what you might be missing for tomorrow.

Discover why people switch to WTI every year by scheduling a call with a test systems consultant.

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Test Systems support from 2018 National Instruments Partner of the Year


cRIO-9039 with modules

Test system designs by WTI include leading-edge data acquisition, real-time, and FPGA technologies from National Instruments such as cDAQ, cRIO, and PXI.  Here are some examples:

  1. Life test control console for a prototype 3-phase space motor
  2. Monitoring and data-logging console for a nuclear reactor
  3. Impact loading machine for testing aircraft flight hardware used in military aerial deployment
  4. Controller for medical device prototype. Integrated high speed servo control on a cRIO, an ECG measuring add-on board for sbRIO, and touch-panel HMI.
  5. Test controller for surgical patient-chilling medical device:  4-up station is controlled by cRIOs running 6 control loops each.
  6. Aerospace ECU design verification (more than 1000 XNET/CAN signals, synchronized DAQ, dyno control, and scripting)
  7. Fuel injection and pump test controller (6-up durability stations and characterization stations) for recreational vehicles
  8. Test controller design and support for aerospace fuel control and LVDT components
  9. Municipal water pump test controller interfacing to fixed speed and VFD-controlled motors up to 2000 HP
  10. Pipe inspection real-time measurement system featuring sonar, LiDAR, camera, IMU, analog sensor acquisition, live display, logging, and extensive analysis system using data science techniques such as the Hough transform, percentile filters, shape intersections, and interpolations


Test challenges don't typically get better by waiting.

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