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Test systems support from NI's Partner of the Year.


Local data-acquisition expertise.  Michigan-based build capabilities.

Whether you have a bench-top experiment or need a full loading machine, the Certified LabVIEW Architects in Raleigh help lab managers and test engineers select instrumentation, write test controller software, and maintain fielded systems in 3 important ways:

Certified LabVIEW Architect1. Source code.  If you or your team is familiar with LabVIEW, you will have the ability in-house to make modifications to your custom test controller software.

2. Common test platform.  We've spent 1,000 hours just getting our Raleigh LabVIEW framework ready for your project.  Benefit from integration with the latest standard products from National Instruments and modular design conventions which are compliant with automotive and aerospace best-practices.

3. TestScript.  In a test controller, it is typical for Python-and-LabVIEWcustom, on-the-fly sequencing challenges to surface down the road, so the Raleigh team has invented TestScript, the world's only bi-directional Python-LabVIEW connector.  TestScript will allow you to control your LabVIEW application from a simple scripting interface.  And the best part? It's free for everyone.



Test lab and engineering managers are tasked with achieving test objectives on schedule and in budget.

While expert test systems support could be helpful, you may be wondering whether an outside resource is going to also be expensive.  Since we would be asking this ourselves, we've set Wineman pricing to reflect common loaded engineering rates.  This means that Wineman engineers should be cost comparable to your internal technical staff.

Here are three practical reasons why hundreds of managers have chosen to deploy Wineman over the last 25 years:

  • Specializing in test systems engineering and LabVIEW programming means we stay singularly focused on developing the relevant skills and tools for your custom test system.
  • Large-company, organic staff is typically balancing multiple priorities and loses productivity through internal meetings and broad organizational directives. When you hire Wineman, you are buying tangible progress for your group.
  • Working with Wineman means working with a team that provides test systems surge support or turn-key projects to customers across a variety of industries, which means we offer a unique perspective for standardization efforts and in discussions about what is possible.

While outside perspectives can be game changing, we know that you are taking a risk to contract externally.  Your reputation is as important to us as your business.  Email or schedule a call to open up a dialog.



cRIO-9039 with modules

Test systems typically include the latest data acquisition, real-time, and FPGA technologies from National Instruments such as cDAQ, cRIO, and PXI.  This way you receive the same accurate measurements and deep insight that other customers have through projects like these:

  • Life test control console for a prototype 3-phase space motor
  • Monitoring and data-logging console for a nuclear reactor
  • Machine for device impact loading and a console for HASS chamber control to test an aircraft cargo lock (actuator) used in military aerial deployment; both feature cloud database storage
  • Controller for a counterpulsation medical device prototype that integrated high speed servo control on a cRIO, an ECG measuring add-on board for sbRIO, and touch-panel HMI
  • Test controller for a patient-chilling medical device:  a 4-up station is controlled by cRIOs running 6 control loops each.
  • Aerospace ECU design verification (more than 1000 XNET/CAN signals, synchronized DAQ, dynamometer control, and scripting)
  • Recreational vehicle fuel injector and pump test controller (6-up durability station and characterization station)
  • Test controller design and support for aerospace fuel control and LVDT components
  • Municipal water pump test controller interfacing to fixed speed and VFD controlled motors up to 2000 HP
  • Pipe inspection real-time measurement system featuring sonar, LiDAR, camera, IMU, and analog sensor acquisition, live display, logging, and an extensive analysis system using data science techniques such as the Hough transform, percentile filters, shape intersections, and interpolations


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