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Leading-edge products demand equally new and refined test systems for verification and validation. At Wineman Technology, we specialize in these test systems and test cell applications with a focus on dynamometer and hydraulic test systems, real-time control and data acquisition, hardware-in-the-loop simulation, and custom test machines.

Team Skillsets

Whether a client needs an end-to-end test solution or has a growing need for specific test system competencies, Wineman Technology has the proven knowledge and skills that will mitigate technical, supply, and budget risks while providing a trusted test solution. At Wineman Technology, our engineers are immersed in test solution development and serve as an expert resource, advisor, and development partner. We meet test challenges with not just theoretical knowledge but the actual experience of hundreds of successful deployed test solutions across a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, and energy.

Our engineers leverage proven technology to create complete test solutions – from software development through hardware wiring. Our specialized expertise with solutions like hydraulic design/build projects allows us to provide a variety of options for customers and create the best solution for each challenge.

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What to Expect When Working With Us

By keeping our test solution development in-house, we keep acute control of the quality and deliverables for each project and ensure our clients get the total solution they need. In addition, we maintain exclusive access to technology through partnerships like the National Instruments Partner Program.

We bring clarity to complex test challenges. With 25 years of expertise in test system development, we become an extension to your team, meeting your specific challenges and goals and ultimately delivering a test system that mitigates risk and propels business forward. Our clients experience a project that runs as smoothly as one managed by a billion dollar firm, but with a team that works as collaboratively as one that has been part of their company since onset. The accurate and exact systems we deliver are underscored with superior performance, reliability, serviceability, and support.

Our Leadership Team

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VP of Sales

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VP of Engineering 


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