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Hydraulic Test

Hydraulic Test Systems

Turn-key systems using off-the-shelf technologies for mechanical subsystems and  components.

Dynamometer Systems

Dynamometer Systems

Flexible solutions for turn-key or custom test cell integration and test cell upgrades/modernization. 


Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Systems

Powerful and flexible MIL and HIL testing solutions combined with NI VeriStand expertise.

Real-Time Controllers

Real-Time Controllers and Data Acquisition

Data acquistion and LabVIEW expertise combined with the highest industry standards and best practices.

Smarter Products Need Smarter Testers

How Hardware-In-The-Loop Testing Can Keep up with Fast-Paced Innovation

Learn how to build effective hardware-in-the-loop test systems to speed up the R&D process without sacrificing accuracy or blowing the budget.

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Your focus is creating innovative products. Ours is helping you test them.

Innovative products require sophisticated test systems that provide relevant, accessible data that tells a story about your electromechanical device.

Why? Because hidden product anomalies tend to cause unwanted behavior which can lead to warranty costs, prevent customer success, damage your reputation, and even risk lives.

While your technical staff has been pushing the limits of new product technologies, our test systems engineers have been developing the software and hardware components necessary to simulate the environment for your product and capture its performance.

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Industries We Serve

and Defense

Providing custom systems integration, automated test systems, machinery and controls modernization, along with  software development,test specifications and acceptance test plans.

Medical Devices and Biotechnology

Helping life science domain experts with medical device testing, as well as building cutting-edge biomedical system test architectures and database solutions.


 Combining dedicated engineers, the latest technology, and state-of-the art equipment to solve critical testing challenges for motorized vehicles and equipment. 

Energy and Alternative Energy

Applying deep expertise in servo-hydraulic, real-time control,  test and data acquisition, to address complex, energy challenges -- from wind turbines to electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Consumer Electronics

Delivering consumer electronics expertise rooted in a combination of design, development, and build of turnkey, component-level test equipment.

Industrial & Commercial

Implementing a variety of industrial test solutions, from pick-and-place assembly to process automation.

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