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Custom Hydraulic Test Stand Solutions

Wineman Technology specializes in hydraulic test stand solutions, including component tests, pumps, motors, valves, actuators, fatigue, load frames, and burst testers.

As an industry leader in custom test systems, Wineman Technology focuses on hydraulic test stand design and development as one of our core competencies. We develop turnkey systems that leverage off-the-shelf technologies for mechanical subsystems and components.

Grounded in sound engineering principles, creativity, and a deep understanding of hydraulics, instrumentation, and software design, our hydraulic test equipment has been deployed in a wide range of industries, from aerospace and defense to automotive, industrial, commercial and more.

Wineman Technology's core hydraulic test system capabilities include: 

Using proven, industry-standard equipment, Wineman Technology uses the best available tools in the marketplace to put together a system that is specific to your needs and budget. Whether your application requires a simple off-the-shelf controller, a complex multi-loop controller with hundreds of data acquisition channels, or a custom test system, our engineering and technical staff can deliver flexible solutions for completely redefining your hydraulic test cell.


Automating Four Square Test Systems with INERTIA

Wineman Technology replaced the outdated controllers with test software, INERTIA, and real-time National Instruments PXI hardware, capable of collecting data, as well as controlling and synchronizing the entire system. Read case study

Fatigue, Load Frames, and Burst Testers

Dynamic and fatigue test systems capable of single axis load frames to multi-axis, syncrhonized load simulation.  Learn more

High-Force Linear Actuator Test Stand with INERTIA and PXI

Custom servo-hydraulic loading system for a classified naval application capable of providing forces in excess of 120,000 lbF. Read case study

Hose Impulse Test Stand

A turnkey impulse rig that tests the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies.

The Hose Impulse Test Stand is a turnkey impulse rig that allows the customer to play out a waveform profile (sine wave) to test the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies for automotive applications. The system is PLC based and also provides a heating system for supplying oil at elevated temperatures.


Hydraulic Pressure Cycle and Test Stands

Fully automated, high-pressure burst testers capable of safely performing both destructive and non-destructive hydraulic pressure testing. Learn more

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

A precision flow hydraulic test bench with integral position sensing feedback that improves grind accuracy, valve performance, and process throughout. Learn more

Hydrostatic Drive

Simulates real-world conditions for a hydrostatic drive used in off-road equipment, such as large industrial lawn care equipment. Learn more

Impulse Test

Impulse test standLearn about our top-of-the-line impulse test rigs for life cycle durability testing of hydraulic equipment and components. Learn more


Iron Bird Hydraulic Simulation System

The Iron Bird Hydraulic Simulation System is a complete solution for all aircraft hydraulics. The system provides all in -aircraft components mounted to a structure. All hose lengths identically match those in the aircraft. The control and data acquisition system monitors all system functions and verifies operations within limits and tolerances.

Iron Bird 1 small     Iron Bird 2 small

Large-Scale Earthquake Simulation and Structural Test

Wineman Technology created a data acquisition and control system for control of the servo-hydraulics, data collection, and high-speed model execution for Lehigh University. Read case study

Motor Test Stand

Wineman Technology's Motor Test Stand executes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) on hydraulic motors used in the aerospace industry. It provides a load on the motor and controls pressure (up to 3000 psi) or flow (up to 20 GPM) while measuring motor torque and speed. Our INERTIA test software programmed in LabVIEW is fully configurable and allows the operator to develop and edit test sequences as needs change.

Motor-Test-Stand-part-1-slide-66 Motor-Test-Stand-part-2-slide-66

Pump Test Stand

A custom system to provide precise control of drive speeds, pressure regulation, and load control. Learn more

RV Leveling Actuator Test Stand

The RV Leveling Actuator Test Stand is a fully automatic system used to perform pressure decay leak test, displacement, and load on recreation vehicle leveling systems. The stand utilizes a 48" ball screw for applying the load.


Swash Plate Test Stand

In order to maneuver, a helicopter must be able to adjust the angle of the rotor blades with each revolution of the hub. The adjustability is provided by a device called the swash plate. The Swash Plate Test Stand utilizes our INERTIA test automation software, National Instruments SCXI/PXI and LabVIEW Real-Time to provide the complete simulation of the loads applied to the swash plate by the rotor blades.

Swashplate-Test-Stand-part-1-slide-43 Swashplate-Test-Stand-part-2-slide-43

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Featured Case Study

Large-Scale Earthquake Simulation and Structural Test with INERTIA



A data acquisition and control system for control of the servo-hydrauics, data collection, and high-speed model execution for Lehigh University.







"The Wineman Technology software and real-time controller INERTIA™ is the new benchmark for servo hydraulic control systems. INERTIA™ is a cost effective and powerful tool that is highly adaptable to any system that you may have to operate."