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Dynamometer Test SystemCustom Dyno Test Cell Solutions

Wineman Technology provides a full range of off-the-shelf and custom dyno test cell solutions. We offer turnkey test cell integration services, and test cell upgrades and modernization for all types of dynamometers including those used in automotive, aerospace, industrial, commercial, off-highway, and agricultural industry solutions. Our broad-based expertise includes dynamometer test systems ranging from AC motor, hydrokinetic, hydrostatic, electric AC/DC, eddy current, and hysteresis brake, with core capabilities in:

Using proven, industry-standard equipment, Wineman Technology uses the best available tools in the marketplace to develop a system that is specific to your budget and needs. Whether your application requires a simple off-the-shelf controller, a complex multi-loop controller with hundreds of data acquisition channels, or a custom test system, our engineering and technical staff can deliver flexible solutions for completely redefining your dynamometer test cell.

Autonomous Six-Wheel Drive (6WD) Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition System

A state-of-the-art powertrain test cell equipped with six dynamometers with other 1000 kW of absorption capability to test 6WD all-terrain vehicles. Learn more

Brake and Clutch Dynamometer

For the SVTOL version of the F-35 from Wineman Technology, we use the latest technology for precise control of speed and applied braking, along with synchronized high-speed data acquisition for highly accurate results. Learn more

Electric Hybrid Dynamometer

These motor dynamometers are designed for simulating complex loading and stimulus profiles. Learn more

Gas and Diesel Dynamometer

A complete engine engine testing package that can be tested along with all support systems, and can execute model-based control for vehicle and environment simulation. Learn more

Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Test Stand

The Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Test Stand is a real-time control and data acquisition system for hydraulic hybrid transmission. The system provides a complete simulation of the vehicle around the transmission. The scope of this solution includes all mechanical details, the hydraulic load, and all control and data acquisition.


Instrumentation Boom

Housing the data acquisition and control hardware, and providing external I/O specific connectors to the required sensors, the boom is mounted to a post or wall within the test cell. This method allows for shorter signal conditioning runs, limiting noise on the signals.

To reduce cell wiring costs, the cable to the operator interface terminal in the external control room is a single TCP/IP cable. With two articulation points, the boom can be swung out of the way when removing or installing the UUT. The instrumentation boom includes an air conditioning unit to keep the hardware at optimal operating temperatures.


Landing Gear Dynamometer



The Landing Gear Dynamometer uses our INERTIA test automation software, LabVIEW Real-Time and National Instruments SCXI/PXI to test aircraft landing gear systems.

The landing gear is mounted to an overhead carriage secured to the fixture base. The carriage includes a hydraulic actuator to apply a vertical load on the landing gear section and is instrumented with more than 200 strain gauges to measure the applied load. Mounted to linear slides on top of the fixture base and driven by a hydraulic actuator is a tarmac section. The system performs real-time control of both the tarmac section and the hydraulic loaded carriage to control and acquire data on the landing gear system as it moves down the tarmac. The system consists of more than 300 channels of I/O including 203 strain/load inputs.

Turbine Engine Dynamometer

Our turbine engine dynos use precision, frequency, force sensors, and conditioning for accurate measurements, and feature complex profile creation that includes the ability to create launch, take-off, landing, and cruising sequences. Learn more

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Featured Case Study

Wineman Technology Deploys Lubrizol Dyno System 


The INERTIA-based dynamometer system provides model-based control for transmission testing.






"We are constantly developing specialized equipment, sensors, actuators, and electronics for high-technology systems, and this real-time control system gave us the flexibility and customization we needed to test a unique actuator with unique requirements."

Michael Condon
General Atomic