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As a leader in automotive test, Wineman Technology combines dedicated engineers, the latest technology, and state-of-the art equipment to solve critical testing challenges across a spectrum of applications for motorized vehicles and equipment.

Core application areas include:

Years of Experience

Our expertise in ground transportation and small engines uniquely sets us apart. Our engineering staff regularly deploys test solutions in all areas of development, from production equipment to systems for advanced research and development and functional test labs. Major automobile manufacturers and Fortune 1000 companies have standardized on our technologies for all their testing needs.

Our industry background encompasses:

Latest Technology

With an exceptional focus on technical know-how, quality, service, and support, we are dedicated to providing solutions based on the latest technologies, deployed in non-proprietary systems at cost-effective prices. Our equipment is designed using the best-available tools and components from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring maximum reliability for diverse system needs.

24 Unit CAN Durability Tester

The 24 Unit CAN Durability Tester is designed to test a total of 24 turbo actuator units, setting and storing multiple test profiles. The system uses CAN communication to talk with the turbo actuators and includes an enclosure which consists of two NI PXI Chassis, two Samsung monitors, and two Sorenson power supplies. The INERTIA test software operates two separate 12-turbo actuator test stations (24 turbo actuators in total). 


ABS Control Module Development and Life Cycle Test System

The ABS Control Module Development and Life Cycle Test System consists of two systems which were delivered for R&D and life cycle testing of intelligent ABS modules. One system tests six units, the second system tests 18 units. 

Each system is able to independently and simultaneously exercise, load, monitor, and report the results of the electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS) modules during testing. The software included with the system is developed in LabVIEW and provides the capability to call test requests from an SQL database, create test profiles, compare pass/fail results with anticipated results, and a variety of other features and capabilities.


Airbag Control Module Life Cycle Development Test System

Validation of FMVSS safety devices in the automotive industry is critical during all phases of development and manufacturing. The Airbag Control Module Life Cycle Development Test System is able to simulate all the I/O up to 16 airbag deployment modules, allowing each of them to experience real-world conditions and test for the proper response.

The system interfaces directly with an electro-dynamic shaker and commands the output to provide the actual crash signature by which the UUT's performance is measured. Under these conditions, the test system is able to monitor the actual state of all the outputs and verifies that each module responds correctly and consistently to the stimulus applied.


Automating an Automotive Starter Durability Test Stand with LabVIEW

Simulating an internal combustion engine for performing accurate and repeatable durability testing of electric automotive starter motors. Read case study

Bearing & Alternator Test Stand

Tested bearings and alternators in a variety of simulated environments and weather conditions. Learn more

Brake and Clutch Dynamometer

For the SVTOL version of the F-35 from Wineman Technology, we use the latest technology for precise control of speed and applied braking, along with synchronized high-speed data acquisition for highly accurate results. Learn more

Chassis Dynamometer

A single to multi-axle dynamometer systems for real-time vehicle and environmental simulation. Learn more

Crank Shaft Inspection System

Inspects machined crank shafts using nine cameras and beam lasers. Learn more

Designing Energy-Efficient Testers for Agricultural Vehicles

An energy-efficient test solution that reuses power in an energy-efficient hydro-mechanical transmission test stand used in off-highway equipment. Read case study

End of line LED Control Board Tester

The End of Line LED Control Board Tester is a production test stand that tests 100% of the interior lighting control boards and LED boards produced.

Circuit boards are manually loaded by an operator. Once loaded, the test stand automatically makes the required electrical connections. Parts are tested using either voltage or current controlled pulse trains while the part is connected to simulated loads. Part performance is determined by measuring either output voltages or currents. Parts operating per specification are marked using a laser part marker.


Electric Hybrid Dynamometer

Motor dynameters for simulating complex loading and stimulus profiles  Learn more

FMVSS207 Seat Test Systems

These systems test automotive seats to failure using INERTIA software that was capable of independent or synchronous control on 6 axe. Learn more

Ford Deploys Fuel Cell Test System with INERTIA, Software

A flexible, scalable hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test stand for evaluating alternative fuel passenger vehicles. Read case study

Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel tank level sensors are required to meet demanding specifications for accuracy, repeatability and hysteresis by OEMs. These units also include emissions control devices that must be tested to ensure proper operation prior to installation in the vehicle.

The Fuel Level Sensor System uses servo control to move the level sensor float through its full range of motion and analyzes the data to ensure that at each position they are within the specified milivolt range defined. Pneumatics and various other sensor technology are used to validate the correct assembly of the emissions control components.


Gas and Diesel Dynamometer

A complete engine testing package that can be tested along with all support systems, and can execute model-based control for vehicle and environment simulation. Learn more

Harmonic Dampener Test Systems

A complete turnkey system for destructive testing of harmonic dampeners. Learn more

Hose Impulse Test Stand

A turnkey impulse rig that tests the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies.

The Hose Impulse Test Stand is a turnkey impulse rig that allows the customer to play out a waveform profile (sine wave) to test the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies for automotive applications. The system is PLC based and also provides a heating system for supplying oil at elevated temperatures.


Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Test Stand

The Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission Test Stand is a real-time control and data acquisition system for hydraulic hybrid transmission. The system provides a complete simulation of the vehicle around the transmission. The scope of this solution includes all mechanical details, the hydraulic load, and all control and data acquisition.


Hydrostatic Drive

Simulating real-world conditions for a hydrostatic drived used in off-road equipment, such as large industrial lawn care equipment. Learn more

INERTIA-based Dynamometer System Provides Model-Based Control for Transmission Testing

A system that simulates a Class 8 truck in order to test Lubrizol additives that could potentially reduce operating friction in the transmission, reducing costs associated with long-term operation, and increasing overall life. Read case study

Impulse Test Stands

Learn about our top-of-the-line impulse test rigs for life cycle durability testing of hydraulic equipment and components. Learn more

Impulse test stand

Lear Electronics Uses Flexible HIL System for ECM Testing

This systems uses a flexible hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system to test and simulate real-world conditions for many types of Lear automotive electronic control modules (ECMs). Read case study

Production Seat Test Systems

Automotive seating has become increasingly complex with features such as occupancy sensing, vehicle bus communication, memory positions, heat and other options.

The Production Seat Test Systems are able to test all the features on the seat and compare them to the build requirements, making certain that the correct features are built into the seat and that they are all functioning properly prior to shipment to the OEM. Tester software can tie into production management systems to obtain the build requirements and store results in plant databases.


Remote Turbo Charge Actuator

The TS-1899 Smart Remote Actuator Test Stand is a complex and versatile test system designed to perform a variety of functional tests, including operating torque, peak (stall) torque, position accuracy versus input, response time, and failsafe operation. These functions can be run in a multitude of sequences.


RV Leveling Actuator Test Stand

The RV Leveling Actuator Test Stand is a fully automatic system used to perform pressure decay leak test, displacement, and load on recreation vehicle leveling systems. The stand utilizes a 48" ball screw for applying the load. 


Timing Chain Loading

The Timing Chain Loading System tests the strength of chains used in the automotive industry for timing and in transmissions.

The system consists of a ball screw actuator that applies a pre-tension to the chain at a specific load. Once the pre-tension load is applied, the system allows the user to define a displacement or load to stretch the chain. The system tests chains from 10" to 70" in circumference and is capable of 70,000 lbs of force.


Tire Pressure Sensor Stand

The Tire Pressure Sensor Stand is a turnkey solution incorporating NI LabVIEW software, various NI PXI components, as well as many mechanical and electrical components, to develop an intuitive system that provides a user-friendly system interface while simultaneously handling complex command and control issues. In addition, state-of-the-art modulation and spectrum analysis toolkits are used to bridge the software and hardware.


Tire Testing Systems

Tire companies must produce a product known for high quality, longevity, and energy efficiency while also offering high performance under a wide range of different conditions and use cases. As a result, the production, testing, and validation of tires is one of the most important and competitive areas of automotive component testing.

We specialize in making flexible and cost-effective tire test equipment for automotive, aerospace, off-highway, and other ground transportation vehicles. Our systems range from turnkey solutions like landing gear drop test systems for the aerospace industry, to custom solutions like controls upgrades for mileage accumulation stands used by the automotive industry. Learn more

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Featured Case Study

Ford Deploys Fuel Test System

 Ford Case Study Image


Wineman Technology was selected to create a flexible, scalable hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test stand for evaluating alternative fuel passenger vehicles.






"We are constantly developing specialized equipment, sensors, actuators, and electronics for high-technology systems, and this real-time control system gave us the flexibility and customization we needed to test a very unique actuator with very unique requ"

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