Consumer Electronics


In a diverse consumer electronics industry, no matter how small or large the application or specific the product, Wineman Technology provides solutions for a wide variety of systems in the electronics industry. Wineman Technology’s electronics expertise is rooted in a combination of design, development, and build of turnkey, component-level test equipment. We have deployed systems for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Research and development
  • Life cycle and durability
  • Production end-of-line requirements
  • Design validation and product validation 
  • Simulation

With an exceptional focus on technical expertise, quality, service, and support, we are dedicated to providing application solutions based on the latest technologies deployed in non-proprietary systems at cost-effective prices. Many of our systems are unique, one-of-a-kind solutions designed and built to fulfill a customer’s specific needs. The ability to build these single-purpose machines completely in-house and to implement state-of-the-art control technology, truly set Wineman Technology apart in test system development.

Autonomous Vehicle HIL System

The Autonomous Vehicle HIL System is a fully functional hardware in the loop simulation system for testing multiple ECUs on the R-Gator. 

The simulation system allows for full functional testing of the parameters of each ECU as if it was installed in the vehicle, simulating all inputs and outputs to and from the ECUs and varying their values as if operational on the vehicle. The autonomous vehicle has an ECU for vehicle function and a second ECU for sensory input. Additional capabilities include varying loads and fault insertion, providing a multitude of failure mode simulation.


End of line LED Control Board Tester

The End of Line LED Control Board Tester is a production test stand that tests 100% of the interior lighting control boards and LED boards produced.

Circuit boards are manually loaded by an operator. Once loaded, the test stand automatically makes the required electrical connections. Parts are tested using either voltage or current controlled pulse trains while the part is connected to simulated loads. Part performance is determined by measuring either output voltages or currents. Parts operating per specification are marked using a laser part marker.


Fault Insertion Unit

FIU-810 fault insertion boards that provide eight channels of fault insertion for simulating fault conditions. Learn more

Tire Testing Systems

Tire companies must produce a product known for high quality, longevity, and energy efficiency while also offering high performance under a wide range of different conditions and use cases. As a result, the production, testing, and validation of tires is one of the most important and competitive areas of automotive component testing.

We specialize in making flexible and cost-effective tire test equipment for automotive, aerospace, off-highway, and other ground transportation vehicles. Our systems range from turnkey solutions like landing gear drop test systems for the aerospace industry, to custom solutions like controls upgrades for mileage accumulation stands used by the automotive industry. Learn more

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"We are constantly developing specialized equipment, sensors, actuators, and electronics for high-technology systems, and this real-time control system gave us the flexibility and customization we needed to test a very unique actuator with very unique requ"

Michael Condon
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